A toolset for collecting data from your network devices, storing in RRDTool files, aggregating data from different sources into new collections, and maintaining assorted state information that can be used by different applications. It is released under the GPL. The mailing list

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netviewer-latest.tar.gz is available for download. This points to the latest release of NetViewer. Please read the available documentation for information. Previous releases are available at .

Work continues on the netviewer-0.30 branch. There will be significant differences between the 0.29 branch and 0.30.

The MD5Sum can be downloaded here. It is:
1bf4543a042337d2aaf38420d39a3d1d releases/netviewer-0.30.tar.gz

Release Information

2012 October 26:
Released netviewer-0.30. This includes a fix where a bug in netviewer would exacerbate a bug in older versions of rrdtool (< 1.2.27) that would create large spikes in locale graphs. Includes new utilities and other miscellaneous changes that have accumulated over the years.

2007 February 8:
Released netviewer-0.29.14. This release fixes a regression where the max value for data sources (DSes) in a RRD would be tuned to a value of 0 when the ifSpeed of an interface was 0. An upgrade is recommended. See the release announcement in the mailing list archives or the ChangeLog for details.

2006 July 7:
Released netviewer-0.29.13. This release addresses several issues. See the release announcement in the mailing list archives or the ChangeLog for details.

2005 November 4:
Released netviewer-0.29.12. An upgrade is recommended.

2005 October 14:
Released netviewer-0.29.11. This release corrects a bug where chloglevel would not properly work. Thanks to the folks at OSU Engineering for finding the bug. An upgrade is recommended.

2005 October 13:
Released netviewer-0.29.10. This release is strictly a bugfix regarding the default values in etc/netviewer.conf. If you already have an existing installation, you do not need to upgrade.

2005 September 14:
Released netviewer-0.29.9. This release addresses a bug and expands on the mult functionality in previous releases.

2005 August 22:
Released netviewer-0.29.8. This release extends the functionality of scaling values on graphing to allow RPN expressions. Default behavior of importer has changed to always query the device after importing a configuration.

2005 July 21:
Released netviewer-0.29.7. This release implements features in netviewer.cgi that existed in the backend for awhile. Namely, it allows you to specify 'mult' or 'units' for something you wish to graph. See ChangeLog for additional details.

2005 April 06:
Released netviewer-0.29.6. I discovered a typo in etc/categories that may create problems. This release corrects that typo.

2005 April 06:
Released netviewer-0.29.5. This marks the first public and stable release of netviewer from the 0.29 branch. If you are still running 0.28.x version of netviewer, please carefully read the documentation regarding upgrading to 0.29.

The previous, internal 0.29.4 release has been quite stable. This release has some minor bug fixes, but is primarily meant to indicate that 0.29 is ready for public consumption.

2005 March 25:
Released netviewer-0.28.4. This release is a bugfix that resolves a bug when trying to insert data that is NaN into RRD. As always, please review the documentation before upgrading.

This fix is from the 0.29 branch, which will likely have a stable release in the coming week.

2005 February 03:
Released netviewer-0.28.3. This release is a bugfix against 0.28.2 and continues the work of improving build times where sites use extensive test expressions.

2005 January 31:
Released netviewer-0.28.2. This release fixes issue during rebuilds where the test expression does not cache results for a given query. For sites with an extensive test expression, they will have observed poor rebuild times. There may be subsequent releases later this week as the more extensive use of caching in the unstable 0.29 branch is backported to 0.28 branch.

2004 July 21:
Released netviewer-0.28.1. New release fixes a few bugs in installation, netviewer.cgi (refers to incorrect config file), and and how it builds locale info.

2004 March 25:
Released netviewer-0.28. New release adds support for high-counter CAR stats and changes how locale RRDs are created and updated. Please read the documentation for information. You most likely need to run 'updatelocales' to bring your locale RRDs up to speed.

2003 December 31:
Released netviewer-0.27.1. Fix to 0.27 branch for close_snmp_session() and tune_DS(). Final release of the year (knock on wood).

2003 December 17:
Released netviewer-0.27. New release from the trunk. This includes new features to assist collections on Cisco devices running in hybrid mode (both CatalystOS and IOS). Details are in the ChangeLog and the accompanying documentation.

2003 December 15:
Released netviewer-0.26.3. Bugfix in get_next_snmp_values().

2003 December 05:
A test version of netviewer is currently available. This introduces some funky syntax to the categories file to help with CatOS devices. The test release can be downloaded here. Send me email if you have a question related to testing this.

2003 December 04:
Released netviewer-0.26.2. Another bug fix -- this time to netviewer.cgi.

2003 December 04:
Released netviewer-0.26.1. Bug fix to Only affects netviewer.cgi.

2003 December 03:
Released netviewer-0.26. As was hinted before, the numbering scheme has changed to better point out the difference between releases from the trunk and patches to a branch. See ChangeLog for details.

2003 November 07:
Released NetViewer-20031107. More bugfixes. See CHANGELOG for details.

2003 November 04:
Released NetViewer-20031104. Fixes to how some categories/capabilities are discovered. Fix to test expression as well.

2003 November 03:
Released NetViewer-20031103. Makefile fix to create cgi directory. Nothing else.

2003 October 31:
Released NetViewer-20031031. This has spent a long time gestating in the trunk. There are a number of changes, including additional options in initialize, locale var ignore support, new 'table' category, new locale options (have locales as sources of other locales), DS name translation, additional work on config files, and revamped & modular infrastructure.

2002 November 26:
Released NetViewer-20021126. Another maintenance release with a few bug fixes. Also added netviewer.cgi, a new frontend for NetViewer.

2002 October 28:
Released NetViewer-20021028. Another maintenance release that fixes two bugs that can be exercised in limited situations: one in instance discovery and another in fetching values from an rrd file.

2002 September 18:
Released NetViewer-20020918. This has a new debug method allows for two ways of sending info to syslog: UNIX or TCP sockets. This is automatically determined. Minor release. Upgrade if you have issues with syslogging in previous release(s).

2002 September 15:
Released NetViewer-20020915. Another minor release. This fixes a potential bug in how filenames are handled. There is also another bugfix for how ifAdminStatus is handled. Upgrade is recommended.

2002 July 31:
Released NetViewer-20020731. This is another minor release. This addresses an issue with how collect status is handled with regards to ifAdminStatus.

2002 June 12:
Released NetViewer-200206012. This is a minor cleanup of NetViewer-20020612. Change(s):

2002 June 3:
Released NetViewer-20020603. This is a bugfix for NetViewer-20020503 and NetViewer-20020425. The changes are in are:

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