Unplanned outage: Portland & Monmouth, 2019-11-02 22:23

Stephen Fromm stephenf at linkoregon.org
Sat Nov 2 23:31:09 PDT 2019

Service is now restored after reloading the impacted core router.  This
was a separate issue from the one earlier this morning.  

On Sat, 2019-11-02 at 23:16:31 -0700, Stephen Fromm wrote:
> WOU is currently down to an outage on a Portland core router.  This
> followed an error that occurred around 22:23.  Link Oregon is currently
> investigating and working to restore service.
> Please contact the NOC if you have questions or concerns:
> email: noc at nero.net
> phone: 541.346.6376

Stephen Fromm
Link Oregon / Network for Education and Research in Oregon

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