Unplanned outage: Medford and Klamath Falls service disruption, 2019-03-01 13:56-14:01

Stephen Fromm stephenf at nero.net
Fri Mar 1 14:30:24 PST 2019

Services are stable now in Klamath Falls.

We expect Medford's redundant backbone circuit to be restored this evening.

On Fri, 2019-03-01 at 14:07:54 -0800, Stephen Fromm wrote:
> While working to resolve the ongoing packet loss and latency issues in
> Klamath Falls, NERO lost connectivity to the Klamath Falls POP.  Because
> of the recent snow storm, the NERO Medford POP was down to a single path
> via Klamath Falls.  When Klamath Falls lost connectivity, Medford also
> lost reachability.
> Medford and Klamath Falls are reachable again, however we continue to
> work with the last mile provider to isolate the throughput problems to
> customer sites in Klamath Falls.  We will provide an update when we see
> throughput stability.
> Please contact the NERO NOC if you have questions or concerns:
> email: noc at nero.net
> phone: 541.346.6376
> Regards,
> --
> Stephen Fromm
> Network for Education and Research in Oregon

Stephen Fromm
Network for Education and Research in Oregon

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