Unplanned outage: Medford and Klamath Falls service disruption, 2019-03-01 13:56-14:01

Stephen Fromm stephenf at nero.net
Fri Mar 1 14:07:54 PST 2019

While working to resolve the ongoing packet loss and latency issues in
Klamath Falls, NERO lost connectivity to the Klamath Falls POP.  Because
of the recent snow storm, the NERO Medford POP was down to a single path
via Klamath Falls.  When Klamath Falls lost connectivity, Medford also
lost reachability.

Medford and Klamath Falls are reachable again, however we continue to
work with the last mile provider to isolate the throughput problems to
customer sites in Klamath Falls.  We will provide an update when we see
throughput stability.

Please contact the NERO NOC if you have questions or concerns:

email: noc at nero.net
phone: 541.346.6376


Stephen Fromm
Network for Education and Research in Oregon

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