Unplanned outage: fiber cut between Salem and Eugene, optical circuits impacted, 2019-01-28 03:31-03:55

Richard Hicks rhicks at nero.net
Mon Jan 28 04:12:45 PST 2019

Between 03:31 and 03:55 the optical path between the NERO Eugene POP and 
NERO Salem POP was down.  Backbone traffic shifted to alternatives paths, but
any optical circuit traversing this path was impacted.

Service was was restored at 03:55.
We are investigating the cause.

Please contact the NERO NOC if you have any questions:

email: noc at nero.net <mailto:noc at nero.net>
phone: 541.346.6376

Richard Hicks
NERO Network Engineer
541.346.1713 - Work
541.346.6376 - NERO NOC

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