Unplanned outage: EOU/La Grande Hub fiber cut, 6/26/2007, 0945-

David Crowe, Jr. crowed at nero.net
Tue Jun 26 13:20:49 PDT 2007

Update: Fiber splicing on the pair carrying the NERO circuit is completed
right now and traffic is passing normally.  We are awaiting final splices to
complete before calling this complete for today; we should know they have
closed up for this repair in the next hour.

The current repair may be temporary however.  We will discuss next steps
with the vendor and schedule additional work if necessary.


David Crowe, Jr. wrote:
> Update: Fiber splice crews are at the site of the cut and expect up to
> another hour more before all repairs can be completed and tested.
> David
> David Crowe, Jr. wrote:
>> NERO is currently experiencing a complete outage in the EOU/La Grande Hub
>> due to a fiber cut.  Vendor crews are en-route for repair and current ETR is
>> 2-3 hours.
>> This outage also affects the Pendleton Hub and all customers connected to
>> those locations.
>> If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the NERO NOC at:
>> email: noc at nero.net
>> voice: 541.346.6376
>> Thanks,
>> David

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