Unplanned outage: Klamath Falls Hub outage, 6/23/2007, 1851-2134

David Crowe, Jr. crowed at nero.net
Sat Jun 23 21:42:01 PDT 2007

NERO's Klamath Falls Hub is back and operational.  We are still
investigating the cause but so far do not suspect power.  klfl-car1-gw
appears to have just locked up and stopped responding.


David Crowe, Jr. wrote:
> NERO is currently experiencing an outage at the Klamath Falls Hub.
> Personnel are on the way but we do not have a reason for the outage as
> of yet.
> If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the NERO NOC at:
> email: noc at nero.net
> voice: 541.346.6376
> Thanks,
> David

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