Unplanned outage: NERO Bend Hub and most customers having power problems

David Crowe crowed at nero.net
Mon Jul 3 18:30:53 PDT 2006

Power has been restored to the Bend Hub without losing any central
connectivity.  All sites we monitor are also back and operational at
this time.  Storms are still active in the area so we are not sure how
long this will last.

City of Bend and COCC appeared to be affected by the outage due to local
power issues.

If anyone is still experiencing issues please don't hesitate to contact

email: noc at nero.net
phone: 541.346.6376



On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 17:56 -0700, David Crowe wrote:
> NERO's Bend Hub and most of the customers connected there are
> experiencing local power problems - apparently local storms are doing
> their best to interrupt the 4th of July fun.
> At this moment, the UPS on site will hold services for about 60 minutes
> longer unless power is restored.
> We will send updates as we hear additional information.
> David

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