Advisory: Cogent and Level3 have de-peered, connectivity to/from Cogent may be affected

David Crowe, Jr. crowed at
Wed Oct 5 14:59:23 PDT 2005

Please be advised that Level3 and Cogent have de-peered as of sometime
yesterday evening.  Since Level3 is one of NERO's transit providers our
customers may see or hear about some of the effects.  NERO customers
continue to have access to Cogent customers through our second transit
provider, WilTel Communications so we don't expect and immediate issues
of reachability.

A couple of possible issues that may arise from this de-peering:

- WilTel's existing peering with Cogent could see additional traffic and
possible congestion.  Since this is currently the only path available to
Cogent customers congestion could become an issue that would be
difficult to fix quickly.
- If NERO's connection to WilTel experiences problems NERO customers
will not be able to reach Cogent customers.

While this list is by no means exhaustive these are the most immediate
possibilities.  Please let me know if you or your remote customers are
having any issues that may arise from this.



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