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NERO Service Level Agreement

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NERO Service Level Agreement (Preliminary Draft Document)

This document details customer service levels for NERO connectivity.

NERO will provision or provide the following:

1. Core backbone facilities: The NERO core network consists of regional hubs and circuits to interconnect those hubs. The core network is a shared resource among the NERO customers.

2. Internet transit: NERO provides two transit connections to the global internet for the use of NERO customers. This is also a shared resource.

3. Peerage: Traffic between NERO customers is delivered directly, without consuming bandwidth on the transit circuits. In addition, NERO is a member of the Oregon IX, a group of providers in the region that exchange routes for peering purposes.

4. System Management: NERO provides software upgrades, configuration changes and operations for the core network. Routers and other critical devices include SNMP agents and are monitored through our HP OpenView network management system. NERO will repair or replace the network equipment should it become obsolete or fail.

4. Network availability. The NERO backbone network is operational 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Exceptions to this might include scheduled maintenance or unforeseen network incidents. In the event of an outage, we strive to get the network operational in the shortest time possible.

5. Consulting. Our Network Engineers will provide network design consulting. This resource can help the customer leverage data communication technologies to meet its business requirements.

6. Bandwidth Many of NERO's routers and network segments are shared by different agencies. Should the shared network become congested, NERO will take corrective action to increase bandwidth. It's our goal to sustain backbone and transit performance levels that avoid any adverse impact to our customers.

Trouble Reporting: Single Point of Contact

For reporting at any time (7X24) Contact NERO NOC at (541) 346-6376

You may also contact us by e-mail at

Customer Responsibilities

1. Circuits and related services

The customer is responsible for telco circuits between the customer's site and the appropriate NERO hub location. As a result, the customer may incur one-time start-up costs including telco circuit installation charges and equipment installation charges necessary to connect the customer to the NERO hub site. There may also be monthly recurring charges including circuit charges, equipment, operations, and ongoing maintenance.

2. Colocation Facilities

The customer may wish to colocate equipment at a NERO hub site. The Customer will be responsible for making appropriate arrangements with the space provider and paying all costs associated with that space.

3. Network Operations

The customer is responsible for all aspects of network operations relating to the customer's routers, circuits, hubs, switches and other operating plant. This includes such things as equipment maintenance and configuration, hardware and software upgrades, problem resolution, etc.

4. End User Support

The customer is responsible for providing support to its users.